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My female mice...

Drinking water
Butterscotch and 3 other girls she grew up with (Maple, Tortilla, and Minnie)

I don't currently have any mice. They have all passed away, but I've left up their bios and pictures for right now.



Butterscotch's fur is a very pretty orange/peach color with a little white dot at the top of her hip and a white belly. She is the sweetest little girl and absolutely loves to be held, and will literally jump into your hand if you bring it close to her in her cage. Her and Maple were sisters.



Angel is a very pretty, dove-colored mouse who was really shy at first, but is starting to come around. I adopted her with Sadie.



This is Sadie. She is a hyper little girl who spends almost her whole day in her wheel. Sometimes she even sleeps in it. Her coat has a cinnamon coloration and she has something like an incomplete blaze on her face (white line between her eyes and a white dot on one side of her snout).

"AJ is probably the coolest guy I know" - Everybody