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(2/16/08) At the moment, I do not have any mice, although I am thinking about breeding again. Email me if you have questions or might be looking for mice in the next 5 to 6 months.
Hello. My name is AJ, which is why the name of my mousery is AJ's Mousery. I live near Sacramento, CA in Fair Oaks. If I start up the mousery again, my girlfriend, Lauren, will be helping out a lot, so I decided that she should probably deserve some of the credit :)
Now...for the beginner who doesn't know what a mousery is because they can't find the word in the dictionary, it is a term used for someone who breeds mice. I happen to breed only pet quality mice that are not to be used for feeding hungry snakes or other reptiles (try Mice on Ice if you need feeder mice...the frozen mice are healthier for your animal anyways). I might also breed rats sometime in the future...I'm not sure. It wouldn't be for a few years, anyways.
I have been a small animal enthusiast for as long as I remember, but I've only had the means to keep some for myself in the past few years or so. My parents got my siblings and me pet rats, mice and a hamster or two when we were a lot younger, which I believe set me on my journey as a small pet owner. I currently own one female rat, and a female rabbit named Molly. I'm thinking about adopting a couple male rats from Candirats Rattery sometime in the near future if I don't go back to breeding mice.
I breed my pet mice for several reasons:
  1. To share wonderful pet mice with other people in my area by making quality animals available. A lot of the store-bought mice out there aren't in great health and there aren't any breeders that I know of in the Sacramento area.
  2. To enjoy all aspects of having pet mice and learning as much as I can.
  3. To learn simple first-hand techniques of animal rearing because I'd like to start breeding larger animals soon and someday I'd like to open my own pet store where I could do all my in-house, clean and safe breeding of small pets.

I hope you enjoy my site. Take a look around if you'd like and if you're interested in me going back to breeding some mice for this area, go to the Mouse Adoption Form or just send me a direct E-mail please.

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Butterscotch sniffing the outside of the spare aquarium

The four girls

These are the girls waiting for me to finish cleaning out their aquarium so they can go back to sleep.

Any questions? E-mail me at:

Some of Butterscotch's babies

This site is still under construction and has a lot more that needs to be added.

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