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All the random stuff you always just NEED to know...

Here are some FAQs, and some questions that I anticipate some of you might have.
Since you're not breeding mice at the moment, do you know of any other breeders in the area?
Sorry, but I don't. I wish I did, but one of the main reasons I ever started this mousery idea was specifically because there weren't any around here. If you can find one, please let me know because I'd like to be able to reference them.
How much are your mice?
I think that $5 would be a fairly reasonable price for one mouse; discouraging people from buying the babies for food, but still providing a fairly cheap price for quality pet mice. Maybe $7 for two? Yeah...I think that'll do.
What is a fancy mouse?
A 'fancy mouse' is basically a mouse breeded as a pet. The term came from England when a 'hobby' was called a 'fancy'. So I guess you could say that it means 'hobby mouse'. But anyways, most people use this term for both mice and rats...and I think other rodents as well. Sometimes it gets a little confusing because we, the dumb Americans that we are (hahaha), occasionally refer to the rare-r coat types as fancy, so instead of it meaning 'pet mouse', it means what you would actually think; 'special-looking mouse'.
What is the best way to get pet mice?
Well, honestly, it's usually better to recieve any pet from a reputable breeder or rescue because they are more likely to be healthy and social. But, getting a mouse from a pet store isn't that bad of an idea either. All of my mice are bought from pet stores (specifically Petsmart and Petco), and most of them are just fine. Then again, if you want to be a little more confident in your selection, you should probably adopt from a breeder or rescue if that's an option.
Are lab-type mice a different breed?
No, they are not. One of my mice (Tortilla) is what would be considered a 'lab mouse' because she's a pink-eyed white. She is no different from any of the others.